Enrico De Barbieri: the origins
Giuseppe Firpo
Giuseppe Firpo

(Alessandria, 1844 – Alessandria, 1929)

Giuseppe Firpo was the son of a prosperous Piedmont merchant and a close collaborator of Giuseppe Borsalino, the founder of the famous factory where he began working at sixteen and quickly became the technical supervisor. During his 53 years of uninterrupted service, he contributed to the success of Borsalino, assisting the owners during the company's first 50 years of business and developing the brand that is still a point of reference for Italian fashion around the world.

The father of eight children, including Angelo and Enrico, he received awards and certificates of merit, including the silver medal at the International Exhibition of Industry and Labor celebrating the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy and held in Turin in 1911.

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