EdB Strategies
Enrico De Barbieri

The path to success is based on products of excellence, ambitious horizons and effective tools. EdB Strategies is the bridge between Italy and connoisseurs of Italian excellence worldwide.

EdB Strategies selects the best Italian products and offers them to discerning people who appreciate quality, facilitating international business negotiations.

Bringing together unique producers and demanding clients is the mission of professionals who protect and promote exclusive, prestigious products reserved for genuine experts.

Some of the companies which are already a part of the EdB Strategies circuit:

Giglio Group

Bridges run in both directions. EdB Strategies is the point of entry on the Italian market for entrepreneurs of every country. EdB Strategies offers corporate and brand image consulting, it cultivates public relations and it helps find qualified people for setting up headquarters and sales networks in Italy as well as headquarters and sales networks abroad for Italian companies.
In an increasingly globalized market, you need to find the right partners to travel along the best paths.

Professional Member Vice President with mandate for Foreign Affairs and External Relations

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