Enrico De Barbieri: The Origins
Enrico Firpo
Enrico Firpo

(Alessandria, 1886 - Genoa, 1942)

Once he completed his studies, Enrico Firpo was hired by the Province office of the Ministry of the Interior, where he worked until 1912. He was responsible for special assignments as the Royal Prefectural Commissioner for Municipal and Hospital Administrations in the provinces of Cuneo and Alessandria. For these assignments, he received special commendations from the Ministry of the Interior and gold medals from the city administrations.
Between 1912 and 1920, he was sent, on his request, to work in the Italian colony of Tripolitania. As a Colonial Official for the Ministry of the Colonies, he organized municipal services and supervised tax collection.
The colonial government also entrusted him with important economic and trade missions with the governments of Egypt and Tunisia.
In Tunisia, he encouraged the establishment of the Italian Consortium for Commercial Trade between Tunisia and Tripolitania. For this project, he received a gold medal from Italian industrialists and merchants.
When he returned to Italy, Enrico Firpo became the Deputy General Manager of Spedizioni Enrico Barbacini S.A. in Genoa in which he had an interest. He then became the Procurator of D. Queirolo Junior in Genoa, where he was responsible for imports and exports with South and Central America and Sudan.
Between 1928 and 1942, Enrico Firpo was an official for the Genoa Guilds Council where he worked in the General Manager's Office and was in charge of the Agriculture and Forestry Department. He assisted the General Manager in confidential matters and was known for his tact, skill, and loyalty.
An honorary citizen of many Italian cities, Enrico Firpo received prestigious honors and awards from Italy and abroad during his career.

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